We hope your experience with Camera FV-5 is smooth and great, but we know problems might arise (even more given that there are so many devices and configurations there that can make the application not to work properly).

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Please first check in the frequenty asked question page whether there is a solution for common problems. Given the amount of e-mails that arrive our support inbox everyday, we have no other choice but simply skip e-mails that refer to topics directly addressed in the FAQ.

If your question is not answered on the FAQ, we kindly ask you to tell us what went wrong. Write us to with as much information about the problem as possible (that will help us to better locate the problem and address it):

  • Which phone maker and model? (eg. Samsung Galaxy S10, Sony Xperia XZ…). If you know the regional/carrier variant you have, please let us know as well, as often carriers do get special editions of phones released carrier-free internationally, and the differences can be pretty substantial.
  • Which model number? The model number can be checked on Android settings / About phone / Model (number).
  • Which Camera FV-5 version? The version number can be seen on Camera FV-5’s settings / About Camera FV-5 tab (last and bottommost) / About Camera FV-5: the version number will be displayed just after the name of the app.
  • What are the steps to reproduce the error? If we cannot reproduce the issue (if there’s any) on your same device, it will be difficult for us to solve the problem.
  • In most cases, we will need the camera parameters of your device, which indicate your camera capabilities. In most cases we have this information already, but you might want to give consent for the app to report this data to us in the Privacy settings of the app (Camera FV-5’s settings / About Camera FV-5 tab (last and bottommost) / Privacy).

We are always committed to solve the problem, when it is within our reach.

You can also write us to with suggestions and improvements. We really listen to customers and we try to add new features based on users feedback.


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