# Main interface

Main interface elements

# Buttons on the left

  1. Hamburger menu (camera modes menu)
  2. Flash mode toggle (offautomaticontorchoff)
  3. Widescreen viewfinder toggle (on/off)
  4. Self timer toggle (off3 seconds10 secondsoff)
  5. Histogram toggle (on/off)
  6. Grid toggle (cycles between all available grid modes, long-pressing turns the grid off)

# Buttons on the right

  1. Gallery button (reviews the last taken picture)
  2. Camera direction switch (rear/front camera). Only shown if a selfie camera is available.
  3. Shutter button (captures a photo or starts the capture of the currently active camera mode)
  4. Camera lens switch (cycles between all available secondary cameras in the same direction as the current camera). Only shown if there are more than one rear or front camera (depending on the direction of the currently selected camera).
  5. Settings button (opens the app's settings)

# Photographic controls

The following buttons open and close the options for its category, and show a summary of either the currently selected settings or the current automatic value (if available in real-time).

  1. White balance mode. Shows the white balance presets, and contains the Manual white balance manual white balance option (if available) and the White balance lock white balance lock toggle.
  2. Focus mode. Shows the different available focus modes, and contains the Manual focus manual focus option (if available) and the Focus lock focus lock toggle.
  3. Light metering mode. Shows the different light metering modes, and contains the Auto-exposure lock auto-exposure lock toggle.
  4. Exposure. Depending on the capabilities of the currently selected camera, a exposure time slider is shown for manual exposure (camera with manual exposure support), or a set of presets and an option for synthetic exposure (camera without manual exposure support). In addition, the Auto exposure automatic exposure button resets any manual exposure chosen and switches back to automatic.
  5. Sensor sensitivity (ISO). Shows a slider with the manual sensor sensitivity options, in addition to a ISO auto ISO auto button that resets any manual ISO chosen and switches back to automatic.

# On the top

  1. Camera indicators. On the illustration the Picture resolution indicator is shown (the indicator shown by default), however additional indicators like the battery status or the remaining pictures left can also be enabled in the settings.
  2. Camera mode indicators and actions. Displays contextual indicators, configuration buttons and status information for the currently active camera mode (therefore the number of type of settings available here depend on the currently active camera mode).

# Viewfinder

  1. The viewfinder. Displays what the currently selected camera sees and a as close as possible representation of what the camera will capture when a photo is taken considering the currently selected settings. A series of gestures can be performed for different actions.