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Upper display

On the upper display you can see the photographic parameters like exposure time, aperture and ISO and the buffer/storage information.

Information Description
F2.0 Aperture. This serves as a reference only on mobile devices, since the aperture in Android mobile devices is fixed and thus cannot be adjusted. On real cameras supporting aperture adjustment, this reflects the current selected aperture in aperture priority mode or manual exposure mode.
1/33 Exposure time. This shows the exposure time being used, displayed as a fraction of a second, or in decimal format for longer exposures.
ISO 100 ISO value (sensitivity). This shows the selected ISO value, or the automatically chosen value, in case ISO Auto is selected.
[3025] Remaining shots in memory card. This value is an approximate value of the remaining shots calculated based on the selected storage medium, the selected resolution and picture format (JPEG or PNG). In some devices the value is more accurate than others, since JPEG compression hardware in different devices perform different and give smaller file sizes given the same quality level.
+0 Photos in buffer. Photos are processed and developed in the background as you continue with camera operation and picture taking. When taking a photo, it is stored in the buffer, and they are processed one-by-one in the background. If enough RAM is available, raw photos are stored in memory to be processed. When no more memory is available, internal memory is used to store pending pictures. Therefore, the amount of pictures in the buffer depends on internal memory size. RAM memory typically stores around 2 or 3 photos, whereas internal memory can hold hundreds. Camera FV-5 keep processing photos even if you close the camera application, and you should see buffer status next time you open the application, in case that there were still pending photos in the buffer.