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Exposure program

Like on cameras with manual exposure controls, you can find on Camera FV-5 the typical PSAM exposure programs. However, those are only available on real cameras, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera. On mobile phones only P and S are available.

Each exposure program lets you either control exposure time or aperture or both, and let Camera FV-5 calculate the remaining parameters automatically to achieve a correct exposure.

Those 4 program modes are:

  • P. Program. Exposure time and aperture are automatically chosen. You can however adjust other camera parameters, like ISO for instance. You don’t have to worry about exposure time and aperture while in this mode.
  • S. Speed priority. You can set the exposure time and ISO and/or aperture (if available) will be automatically calculated for a correct exposure. A basic shutter speed selection dialog is available in Android 4.4 and older, while a newer and more advanced dialog is available for Android 5.0 and newer, as well as in some devices even running an older Android version 1.
  • A. Aperture priority. Only available on real cameras that sport iris blades, lets you adjust manually the lens aperture. The exposure time will be automatically calculated and set for a correct exposure.
  • M. Manual. Only available on real cameras, lets you adjust manually both exposure time and aperture. On this mode, you can get over or underexposed photos, since both parameters are set by the user, and you can select exposure times and apertures that in combination produce photos with “wrong” lightning (in photography there’s nothing wrong or right when it comes for exposures, since that wrong exposure might be the one you are looking for, for specific effects or artistic purposes).

All exposure parameters are reflected on the viewfinder as closely as possible, with the exception of the manual exposure time on mobile phones. Other exposure parameters like long exposures on real cameras of 5” and longer are sometimes not correctly displayed, since the camera cannot predict how the image will look like after such a long exposure time.

  1. The advanced shutter speed selection dialog is available on full-compatible Android 5.0 devices, but also on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and HTC One (2014, M8).