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What you can do with the photos taken with BRK

Mainly two things:

Take the best of them

If you are in a hurry and you face a scene with high contrast, you might find adjusting the exposure compensation all the time cumbersome. Having Camera FV-5 take for instance 5 photos with different exposures can be handy, as you can later pick the best exposed photos.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos

If you cannot decide which photo is better exposed from a set of bracketed ones, why don’t keep the best parts of each? That’s the concept of HDR photos. You take multiple photos with different exposure times, and then you merge them into one with the best exposed areas of each one. Although there are applications that do this process on the phone, there are quality compromises being done by the restrictions imposed by mobile platforms (memory, processing power and battery drain). The best option is to do this processing on the computer. There are plenty of software options for both PC and Mac available for this task, among them: