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Nokia 1 Plus

19.3 mm Focal length (35mm) Help icon
2.8 mm Focal length Help icon
ƒ/2.8 Aperture Help icon
None Stabilization Help icon
86.0º Horizontal field of view Help icon
69.4º Vertical field of view Help icon
Magnification factor Help icon


5.3×3.9 mm Physical sensor size Help icon
1/2.7" Sensor type Help icon
2.1 μ Pitch size Help icon
20.7 mm2 Sensor area Help icon


2560×1920 Maximum picture resolution Help icon
4.9 Megapixels Help icon
JPEG only Picture format Help icon


Fixed Focusing type Help icon
Focus at infinity Help icon
Minimum focusing distance Help icon
Hyperfocal distance Help icon

Exposure and ISO

1/10,000 – 1/8 Manual exposure range Help icon
100–2400 ISO range Help icon
240 Maximum analog ISO Help icon

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